quick pic

was playing with coloring using only textures.  I used a lot of different color modes in photoshop, i really like the wood-carved look of it, hopefully you do too.  later

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roachsuck5_1 copy


Hi guys and gals, sorry for the silence lately.  I’m still here, just drawing when i can which is less frequent by a mile than it used to be, but i’m hoping i’m getting close to a turning point here soon and will be productive again.  This image is from a comic I on and off work on involving a roach creature and an elf. Spoilers: he fucks her! I’m working on a couple other pieces too as always, with luck permitting i will have them done soon   Still working ever so slowly on ‘the game’ but it’s a... View Article

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Oh Mole guy.

Hi gang!  Sorry for my latest absence. I measure life in the time I am ‘not there’ more than I do in the times I am present these days.  I also have at least 2 commissions I NEED to get finished up, thank you for your patience guys and sorry as alwyas for my slow…ness. This picture actually illustrates ( HAH! PUNnvm) it pretty well. I think I no joke started working on this piece in EARLY 2013.  SOOOOooooooo meh.  This is done, now I can move on   I hope you all appreciate Mole banging.  I’m feeling like I... View Article

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Vacation over

Hi guys. I took a week off to get some stuff sorted and to relax, and I was able to get 2 commissions finished in that time, so I am happy.  I have another on the way very soon for Falcon, and then I’ll be re-examining the pending commissions I still need to take on, and hopefully hammering them out in order!   First off, here’s a very fun part 1 of 2 from a prolific commissioner.  Our hapless schoolgirl is bound in the clutches of a madman summoning an old god with serious morning wood.  Part 2 will be... View Article

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