Hi guys and gals, thank you for all your continued support, time has been really hard to come by lately but I will continue to try to keep pumping out artwork whenever I am able!  These two gifs are me playing with animated my art, hopefully you enjoy them ^_^ New works are already in the mix, so I don’t expect next update will take as long to realize. Hope you enjoy um! They should work as is, but websites…and code…so if they aren’t working try opening the images in their own window. If they still won’t play I’ll try... View Article

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Hi gang! I posted this lovely piece up on DA the other day and finally got around to posting here as well.  I am working on an animated piece at the moment, just trying something new, we’ll see how it goes.  Hopefully you all are doing well!  I wish like always I had super interesting stuff to talk about, but I don’t.  At least not anything good.  SO, i will leave you with porn and the promise of more to come! 😀

3 Comments January 12, 2016 9:36 pm

Happy Holidays

i couldn’t sleep either 😀   Hope you all have a wonderful tomorrow opening presents and enjoying some winter weather if you are lucky. Will try to post some art more regularly soon, one way or another i’m going back to having just one job in January, so that will be extremely nice 😀 later!

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i heard a rumor that Disney will not produce any slave leia stuff moving forward.  This galvanized me to pay homage again to the love that could have been if she’d only given big green and slimy a chance.  I’m sure he’s a really respectable guy deep down in side.  Deep, deep down. Besides, she clearly has a penchant for scruffy headed nerf-herder types…   Sorry I’ve been quite again lately, I’ve been really busy with the 2 jobs and the 2 kiddos.  The game is progressing fine, I’m not sure when I’ll have a playable demo exactly.  I’d like... View Article

3 Comments November 20, 2015 9:49 pm