i heard a rumor that Disney will not produce any slave leia stuff moving forward.  This galvanized me to pay homage again to the love that could have been if she’d only given big green and slimy a chance.  I’m sure he’s a really respectable guy deep down in side.  Deep, deep down. Besides, she clearly has a penchant for scruffy headed nerf-herder types…   Sorry I’ve been quite again lately, I’ve been really busy with the 2 jobs and the 2 kiddos.  The game is progressing fine, I’m not sure when I’ll have a playable demo exactly.  I’d like... View Article

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Happy Halloween gang. Have a zombie suckling on an elf.   The additional school work has really slowed me down lately, as has the habitual beer dranking.  I’m thinking both will begin to slow down around Christmas, which hopefully coincides with an alpha release of this elf-game I’m making.  I’m using RPG maker MV and so far, i like it.  It feels very familiar, which is a good thing. I hope you have awesome plans for Halloween, I will be…working ._.  But whatever, have an awesome one folks!

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elf meal messy

new project

Hi gang, Sorry for the spam getting through lately.  Spammers will spam.  Here’s an elf getting sexually devoured by a purple slime monster Clean version is up at DA. I’m working in RPG maker again, tho this time i’m taking a stab at a medieval fantasy world. Playing slave maker really inspired me to try my hand at something stat driven, with lots of elves and monsters.  I’ll post some progress hopefully next time i post here.  In the meantime, i shall continue to draw when i can! 😀  have a good one!

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The worm turns

Hi Gang! Trying to capture a sweet moment between lovers here Also, i’m attaching a piece I forgot to place up here, it’s been hard to stay on top of things lately.  Have you all played Slavemaker yet?  If not, you should totally check it out, it’s free and while it does suffer from bugs, typos, and an incomplete feeling UI, there are bits of diamond in there that sparkle so bright! It’s a long standing project, so I’m sure some of you are familiar with it already, I’ve just kind of re-enamored myself with it 😀   anyway, have... View Article

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