Hi gang!  Here’s an update on the progress of the game so far and a little test special attack example that I can hopefully figure out how to add into the game   Progress continues to go well.  I don’t think I’ll get the sound sorted by release, which means you’ll have to bear with RPG maker’s super epic medieval horns whilst trying to avoid or get into sexual peril.  In terms of percentages, I’m about 80% done with the main first campaign area.  I need to add in more events to make it a little less boring, but i’m... View Article

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Game over screen example

Busy bee

Hi Guys and Gals!  Today’s post is a little special, in that it reveals a glimpse into the game that is still progressing nicely.  Some details about the title follow here, but the short version is: The game is coming along nicely, it’s a sci fi horror sex rpg thing, with some light-hearted comedy thrown in there, and i’m TRYING ( so, so hard) to have something for download for everyone by Christmas.  Don’t hold me to that, but I feel pretty confident about the progress on it so far! As the schedule shifts I will be more forthcoming  ... View Article

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! :D

Hey lords and ladies! I hope you have a great evening tonight dressing up or down as it pleases you.  Here’s a certain elf covered in slime, perhaps pulling, perhaps pushing a slick glob within her bits. I hope you guys have a great evening! I get to man the door and fling candies. My costume this year is a novelty mustache.  It’s an ironic costume, since I already have a beard and mustache.   later!   OH!  Also, a very large thank you to a patron who recently made a nice donation to my paypal! I thank you heartily... View Article

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Halloween approaches!

and I am woefully unprepared for it.  Here’s a new piece in case I don’t get to finish another before the witching hour!   Work continues to progress on the lil RPG i’m working on.  My real job is still a drag and I’m going to see a therapist next week to deal with some general ennui.  I wouldn’t be an artist worth my salt if I wasn’t certifiable! Have a good one, more art soon, fates willing

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