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Hi gang! First off here’s a couple pieces I’ve posted up, the clothed version of the sorceress piece is up at DA if you are a completionist   It would be very rad to have achievements like this IRL   Second, i’m poking with a new game maker, Construct2, and learning really whatever i can along the way. I have a demo of a game ( or a game mechanic) at arrows to move is all that’s supported right now, i’ll (hopefully) add in touch support soon. ^_^   Lately my depression has been pretty bad.  I want a... View Article

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Zombies and the ladies that love them!

As mentioned recently, please head over to the forum thread here if you would like to participate in the AMA with Grak and his lovely lady   Regardless, they appreciate the viewing of this, as do I.  Off to bed, tomorrow is only a day away

3 Comments April 24, 2015 4:51 am

April was a bit of a bitch

But i have a few new works to show for it! First off, here’s a commission recently finished depicting one of Shark’s lovely O.Cs at the hands of a foul hag for all eternity!   Hooray for game overs! I have another piece that is ready to go up for Grakbak as well!  The piece stars his lovely lady friend, and it would be a delight for them if viewers would participate in an Ask Me Anything run by the duo over on the forum starting very soon ( I’ll post the ‘when’ when the picture goes up) So get... View Article

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april greetings

Hiya! First off, here’s a piece for the Preve to accompany one of his many awesome stories   I turned it into a .gif, here’s to hoping it’s working… Also, i added a new Pulled Pork page.  Sorry i’m working so slow these days, we’re still not dead at work somehow.  I’ve got another short comic in the works for the always lovely Miss Robyn, a filthy piece for Shark, a one page tale of woe and zombies for Grak, more pulled pork, and a couple personal pieces on the way   They’re all some degree of finished, look for... View Article

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