quick note

I’m flying to Florida tomorrow for work, I’ll be tied up for a week during the day, but I’ll try to make use of the time when I’m not there to get some artwork worked.  I have a few emails to answer still in this regard, please let me get situated tomorrow and I’ll get back to you.  My loathing of flight is legendary, so hopefully the skies are clear, the breeze is gentle, and the engines are humming. Have a good one!

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New artwork, new excuses

First off, i have 2 commissions I need to get up here!  The first is a piece of the foulest zombie in a post sex afterglow, and the 2nd showcases a pair of teen(18) detectives who have run afoul of a gruesome slaver monster gang!  I hope these titillate and tantalize I did a little more work on the game ,tho it’s not proceeding as quickly as I would like.  I can equally blame you and me for that, since I am taking commissions even tho I told myself I was not going to after I did a few, and... View Article

7 Comments February 26, 2015 5:42 am

I think, therefor I am stressed.

Hi gang. First up, some artwork! This is Jessifer from a Dreamcast game called Carrier, a very cool client requested her game over to a few mutated zombugs.  Always happy to oblige I also added up a new page of Pulled Pork , go check dat out.   As I wrap my myriad of tentacles through the skull-holes of the slain heroes that make up the throne I rest upon, I find myself pensively contemplating the future.  As predicted, my day job seems like it is unraveling. It’s like a pet with terrible ailments that you probably should have let... View Article

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Long week

First off, a fun quirky new piece for a very cool client! Pirates, wifeys, etc!   The game goes well, i hit a bit of a snag due to a lot of work this last week, but that has given way to a week of validation from a cabal of management enemies. I’m updating some artwork from the last release, just to zuzh it up.  I’ve added in the first real boss, a suitable boss game over animation, and a couple new events that will pop up, if you so choose, in the civic area of the Carrus. A few... View Article

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