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Hi Guys and Gals!  Today’s post is a little special, in that it reveals a glimpse into the game that is still progressing nicely.  Some details about the title follow here, but the short version is: The game is coming along nicely, it’s a sci fi horror sex rpg thing, with some light-hearted comedy thrown in there, and i’m TRYING ( so, so hard) to have something for download for everyone by Christmas.  Don’t hold me to that, but I feel pretty confident about the progress on it so far! As the schedule shifts I will be more forthcoming  ... View Article

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! :D

Hey lords and ladies! I hope you have a great evening tonight dressing up or down as it pleases you.  Here’s a certain elf covered in slime, perhaps pulling, perhaps pushing a slick glob within her bits. I hope you guys have a great evening! I get to man the door and fling candies. My costume this year is a novelty mustache.  It’s an ironic costume, since I already have a beard and mustache.   later!   OH!  Also, a very large thank you to a patron who recently made a nice donation to my paypal! I thank you heartily... View Article

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Halloween approaches!

and I am woefully unprepared for it.  Here’s a new piece in case I don’t get to finish another before the witching hour!   Work continues to progress on the lil RPG i’m working on.  My real job is still a drag and I’m going to see a therapist next week to deal with some general ennui.  I wouldn’t be an artist worth my salt if I wasn’t certifiable! Have a good one, more art soon, fates willing

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quick pic

was playing with coloring using only textures.  I used a lot of different color modes in photoshop, i really like the wood-carved look of it, hopefully you do too.  later

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