Vacation over

Hi guys. I took a week off to get some stuff sorted and to relax, and I was able to get 2 commissions finished in that time, so I am happy.  I have another on the way very soon for Falcon, and then I’ll be re-examining the pending commissions I still need to take on, and hopefully hammering them out in order!   First off, here’s a very fun part 1 of 2 from a prolific commissioner.  Our hapless schoolgirl is bound in the clutches of a madman summoning an old god with serious morning wood.  Part 2 will be... View Article

4 Comments August 4, 2014 1:26 pm

pink prison

A new commission from the funky bunch who emailed me looking to finance my felonious ferrets, fer real. This one comes courtesy of Doc Dweeb! Off to do more arting, lates!

3 Comments July 15, 2014 5:22 pm

I want some money <3

So, I am opening up for a couple commissions if you are interested! Standard rates apply, you’re looking at probably around $100.  I’m unpredictably paced these days with the twins and what not, but I’m hoping to take 5 slots for now, and I’ll post on here when I’m filled up( on DA as well) and we’ll just go from there.  If you have deadline restrictions please let me know when you email and I’ll let you know if I can make it work or not.  I’ll also be emailing a couple people that have asked for them recently, but... View Article

3 Comments July 8, 2014 6:48 pm
white rose sacrifice_small

Just a shadow really

Hi gang! First off, here’s a new piece.  As I said over on DA, this is from an oft forgotten game series, the ‘SaGa’ franchise that I love(d) dearly.  Here’s White Rose, spending an eternity in the shadow realm ( i believe?  It’s been a while)  She was pretty cool I’m working on 2 games right now- mine and one for a bunch of really cool guys I know.  Also working on my portfolio in an attempt to get the fuck out of my job.  So muck fuck trying. sooooo muuuuch. Hope to have more art soon, but you know. ... View Article

3 Comments June 27, 2014 4:40 pm