A halo-shaped wound

As Phil sat on the toilet at his place of employment, a curious thing appeared before him.  The drain-hole to the dark recesses of the building’s plumbing had come unhinged, the metal cover plate that was patina’d with grime began to wobble and pop, like a ball bouncing on a spinning disc.  From the hole, an enormous cockroach pulled itself up, its diameter easily the size of a D battery.  Tied to the horrible thing’s leg, Bill noted as he wretched his feet up and planted them spread eagle upon the green metal stall walls, was a scroll of paper. ... View Article

1 Comment July 21, 2016 2:13 pm


Hi guys and gals, a quick update, here’s a new piece just for fun and a couple other pieces up that I forgot to post in some fashion or another here.  A big thank you for your continued support and patience, hope to have new art soon!

2 Comments June 13, 2016 8:04 pm
the cage1

art mana!

It rains! I don’t like putting up sequential images that look like they should belong in a video game, but since i cannot program or make a game for shit, here’s some elf love.  I was trying to make an ode to Salt and Sanctuary, but hen Dark Souls 3 came out and I mean…this could be from that too? Place your elf in whichever world you think would rut her better/worse. Also adding one I added to DA recently but forgot to put up!

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Been reeeeeally struggling to find time to draw these days so i apologize for taking so long to get art out recently. I don’t see that changing unless I win the lottery, but Ill keep drawing when i can find the time.  The game plans have not been progressing all that well either as a result but i dunno. Will keep trying 😀 later!

12 Comments March 22, 2016 8:31 pm